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Elise Go Gets The Last Laugh On Nu-Disco Pop Anthem ‘Undefined (Don’t Call Me)’

Elise Go walks away on nu-disco pop anthem "Undefined (Don't Call Me)."

San Francisco native and Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Elise Go shares her latest single “Undefined (Don’t Call Me),” following-up a successful 2020 that saw a string of singles and an appearance as the Pop Princess on FOX’s music game show, I Can See Your Voice, hosted by Korean-American comedian Ken Jeong.

The track’s bright and strong-willed nature carries onward from heartbreak into an anthemic pop blessing, gloriously hearing Elise stepping into a new light. Written and co-produced by the artist alongside Benji Cormack of slenderbodies, “Undefined” swoons with an insatiable nu-disco funk sound, authentic, crisp horns, and Elise’s dynamic pop cadence.

“‘Undefined’ is my f*ck you song,” says Elise. “In the wake of social media, we are connected as ever, but also disconnected as ever. I wrote this song about the vague bubble so many people choose to stay in, which is really a manipulative way to play the field, but still have options at your beck and call. After all, if you were never really together, was it even heartbreak? I wrote this song of my frustration in being in a situation like this and because I was gaslit in my experience, music was the safest place for me to voice how I felt.”

The artist sharply moves throughout the duration of the track and organically delivers a resignation of security from another. Elise vocally stuns, hushing pop naysayers, which is no surprise noting the artist’s rich background in music.

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“The chords, melody, and lyrics came together so quickly as I processed my emotions in real time,” continues Elise. “When I brought the song to Benji, he formed an explosive drop with this sick bass line. I took Benji’s dope production and sat with it for a while. I was feeling very inspired by Earth, Wind, and Fire at the time, so I sequenced some horn lines for the last chorus. I showed the song to my talented trombonist friend, Ethan Santos, and he offered to play live horns after hearing the fake ones. We ended up recording a full horn section, which was truly the cherry on top of this record.”

The track’s origins may have been hurtful, but breaking out with a certified bop on top of an ongoing successful career— it’s safe to say Elise has the last laugh.

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