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Claire Reneé Glistens on Alt-Soul Pop Single ‘I’m Tired’

Claire Reneé says goodbye to people who no longer respect your energy on Alt-Soul Pop single "I'm Tired."

Respecting your space and energy is the mantra of the year. Unfortunately, the eye-opening realization comes after pressed boundaries. Claire Reneé narrates a series of past accounts that leads one to walk away on the Alt-Soul Pop single “I’m Tired.” The effervescent production and measured tempo is a long awaited exhale that makes room for Reneé to reclaim her own story and is a strong introduction to the artist’s upcoming LP, Wings.

“I’m Tired” leads with an jazz-infused instrumentation which kicks off the track’s slinky, alt-soul groove; one that moves with self-discovery as Reneé’s vocals hold the track’s true power. It’s a beautiful parting note of hazy and rhythmic layers that opens the faucet to, well, frankly calling everyone out on their bullshit and “refusing to be an afterthought.”

Its continued beauty is that the track doesn’t attack, despite the blunt lyrics. It informs and lets go. Reneé glistens on each line and delivers a rich and poised state of mind, justly emotive and catchy, that are vigorous to stand alone, but only seem to melt against her own backing harmonics. Noting the weightless, yet technical arrangement that articulates a wave of thoughts and feelings.

All that come at no surprise based on past singles and the artist’s strong artistic background of dance and performance — being a classically trained dancer and studying at Berklee College of Music and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. And with a natural ear and organic conscious in story telling, there’s so much to love and look forward to from Claire Reneé.

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