Post Profit Question Reality on Alt-Metal Single ‘When You Think It’s Right’

Post Profit share their latest alt-metal banger "When You Think It's Right" ahead of their upcoming LP.

The sweat from live music may be missing, but it is thriving on Post Profit’s “When You Think It’s Right.” The alt-rock band from Longview, Texas dismantles security while honing in on the concept of trust. The hard hitting banger is drenched in the ethos and sound of alternative metal, calling from the catalogue of the late ’90s, but cleans up the residue of the genre with a crisp production, emotionally driven lyrics, and a metallic ambience. Not to say that track is a light hug from the back, but more like a picturesque punch that leaves behind the most insightful lines.

Jordan Conley, Matt Jackson, Nick Hawner, and Zach Hicks move with an unrealistic drive on the track. The heaviness is at a constant and soars with a gothic romance aroma between each verse that balances the apprehension for a seamless delivery. Vocals are melodic, even between growls and therapeutic screams, and favor the gorgeous dynamic on the track’s rhythm section; a standout characteristic.

As for its Thomas Crane directed visual, the sentiment of mistrust is clear. Split between live performances and post-apocalyptical scenes that comment on the current atmosphere, the thrashing video makes one thing clear: question everything.

“When You Think It’s Right” is taken off the band’s upcoming LP When You Think It’s It’s Always Wrong due later this year.

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