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daydream Masi ‘Can I Be The One?’

daydream Masi shares a dreamy and harmonious single around the timeworn question every lover has asked.

Falling into the ripples of adoration, daydream Masi’s latest swoons to the timeworn question every lover has asked, “Can I Be The One?” The Akron, OH artist continues his calming waves and follows up previous standout singles “Animal Style” and “Night Like This” with a harmonious mindset.

On “Can I Be The One?” though, the artist dives into the mutable strength of his vocals. There’s a dosage of matter-of-fact youth embedded in the lines (“And I can feel alone sometimes / Like I’m the only one sometimes / But if I’m with you, I don’t mind, I feel fine) steadily climbing to an euphoric soundscape. Velvety falsettos are reassuring, but in the grace orchestrated by daydream Masi, there is honesty that somehow makes peace with the question regardless of the answer.

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