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Progressive House Pioneer Shingo Nakamura Underscores Latest Monstercat Release

Monstercat Silk debuts with Tokyo-based producer Shingo Nakamura's emotive release "Glow."

An exciting announcement to come from leading label Monstercat and their latest acquisition of Silk Music, renowned producer Shingo Nakamura celebrates an inaugural release that highlights the latest merging of the two electronic powerhouses. Emerging with a brand new name, Monstercat Silk debuts with a deep commitment to underground music, using their platform as a space to nurture genre-diversity amplifying the best cuts from house, trance, and other left field explorations.

Equal parts emotive and mesmerizing, Tokyo-based producer Nakamura’s accompanying release “Glow” evokes a moving energy accompanied by transformative melodies. Transporting the listener to a rushing soundscape of textures and light, the producer crafted the track with the intention of bringing positivity to these turbulent times. True to Silk Music’s ethos, the producer has transformed emotion into sound, further affirming the therapeutic capacity of music. Even more exciting, “Glow” serves as a title track for the producer’s upcoming album, due out on Monstercat Silk later this year.

When remarking on his upcoming work Shingo shares, “Making an album is really meaningful work for me because I’m able to reflect on my life through music. It’s not always easy, and it takes time, but I’m so happy to complete this project thanks to the Silk team, who I’ve worked with for more than a decade. I’m excited for ‘Glow’ to be the first release on Monstercat Silk and reach more listeners than ever before.”

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