Tolü Makay Reassures ‘You Are Enough’

Tolü Makay shares her visual for "You Are Enough" taken off debut EP, 'Being.'

Tolü Makay not only stole our hearts last year, but countless others on her debut EP, Being. The 7-track collection became an awakening moment for the artist and an uplifting soundscape that clearly showed the magic of Makay, which has only grown upon the artist’s Saw Doctors cover, “N17.” And as all magic, it comes when we need it the most. Makay now shares the official video for her standout single “You Are Enough” and reassures that all that is needed to flourish is inside of us.

Shot in black and white and directed by Martina McGlynn, the visual counterpart translates the residue of lacking. The monochrome scale temporary relates the valueless consciousness that all humans may feel, yet charmingly shifts to see the absolute beauty in this palette — high and lowlights.

The contagious positivity by Makay, alongside with the artist’s virtuous vocals, move delicately across the screen to touch the person tossing their dreams to the sideline back to the partner not seeing their own worth in a one-side relationship. Drum line clacks stand tall against distorted guitars and waves of organs for an uplifting sermon. Makay’s vocal runs are blended with her Gospel roots for a crescendo of bright notes acting as faithful reminders to embrace yourself with love.

Makay continues to sell out shows across Ireland, working towards a 2021 album release. With Being still in our system, we cannot wait to hear and see the next chapter of the ever talented Tolü Makay.

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