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Nick AM Ventures into Enigmatic Obscurity with Latest Actress Edit

Nick AM begins 2021 with a pulsing edit of Actress’ “X22RME."

Informed by his heritage and contemporary surroundings, Iranian American producer Nick AM has a fascinating intuition for capturing his multicultural palette. Sonically characterized by detailed arrangements and mesmerizing melodies, the artist emerges with a distinctive interpretation of the current electronic landscape. Following up his protest inspired single “Power”, Nick AM begins 2021 with an edit of Actress’ “X22RME”. His triumphant 2020, saw Utopia EP receiving over 1 million streams across streaming platforms. With his experimental impulses on full display, the producer brings a left-field offering with this latest cut. 

When asked about the inspiration of the edit Nick shares, I was reminiscing about club life with a friend who showed me the original cut of ‘X22RME’ and got inspired to make a version that would fit in my future sets. I added a sub, acid-esque bass, kick, hi hats and a few other tricks to make it more applicable to my sound. It really came out of necessity. I just love the sounds and textures from the original, and I needed a version to exist in the world I present to my audience.”

As we yearn for a return to the underground, his latest rework is a steadfast reminder of the glitching tones and pulsing rhythms that contract under the heat of the dancefloor. Crisp hi hats dominate the track as the producer finds spontaneity among the synthwork. Equal parts enduring and ambiguous, Nick AM’s approach to Actress’ textured number demonstrates an appreciation for his vast influences.

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