EMÆL Rejuvenates on ‘Throw. my Selfaway’ Ahead of Forthcoming LP

EMÆL share their third single "Throw. my Selfaway" from their forthcoming LP 'Three60.'

The developmental values of EMÆL sees them on a constant quest of discovery by creation. Their sonic mind platter holds no real bars for their general avant-garde aesthetic, alt-pop hooks, to the band’s more grounded, classical roots. Though one thing is undeniable with each release: they orchestrate a new sense of existing. Bold to assess, but easily proven through their discography, the SoCal outfit meticulously builds upon their Deep Space wonders.

On the band’s latest single “Throw. my Selfaway,” produced by Joris Hoogsteder and taken off their forthcoming LP Three60, we hear EMÆL blend a more contemporary, electronic ambience to their score of rejuvenation. The track’s classical crossover guides a crisp folktronic production to a brooding bass pulse as its conscious “rediscovers one’s true self.”

“[It] Started out as a piano ballad but Joris Hoogsteder re-produced the track to be more electronic,” shares Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess. “The song is about relinquishing your idea of self and just being. I imagined singing it atop a mountain screaming out into existence.”

And this existence is refreshing. The poise of the track’s Sci-Fi articulation mirrors the constant push and pull of its arrangement and internal battle for a serene delivery. The vocals and soundbites are dreamy enough to melt a disciplined spoken word bridged between verses. And while its title reads as a robotic command of an internal software somehow implanted in us, the track’s verses are its human reminder: “I’ve never felt this way/When I throw myself away/I’ve looked in the mirror 7 times today/I’ve never felt this way.”

In the end, I always feel like it’s the end of this world and EMÆL is here so I may aboard the next dimension. “Throw. my Selfaway” comes during a time where so many are their own enemy, as well as their own cheerleader, and the meditative crossroads of the track encourages a peaceful return despite it all.

Pre-order the digital album or the Deluxe 12″ vinyl version of Three60.

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