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‘AM : PM’ Leads TV Nomad to Self-Discovery

Singer, songwriter, producer, and bassist, TV Nomad shares her debut EP, 'AM : PM.'

Outgrowing the skin you once called home comes with emotional residue, but it’s this very thing that lights up the journey of self-discovery and self-love. TV Nomad chronicles vulnerability, worth, and her viewpoint of a 22-year-old Black Queer woman on AM : PM for a striking introduction to the artist and the person. The singer, songwriter, producer, and bassist, finds that moment within a 24 hour period where internal clarity revives a new start. Energetically, the EP pulls from a conscious state of mind with the wisdom of the metaphysical, moving through a contemporary production of R&B and pop.

Its opening track falls, as it does builds, through the art of timing which alludes to the EP’s own creation. “Spooky Type” displays movement from TV Nomad, symbolically and in sound, hearing the artist shift between sing-song breaks to high-spirited vocal layers. The track pivots from fantasy to reality and despite its dreamy disposition, “Spooky Type” assertively draws a line and refuses to consume static noise and the advice of others.

Sangria” featuring Mamadou follows in suit of standing in a honest light, but this time in the sector of love. A sensual guitar undresses a silky R&B soundscape to only be further intoxicated by the thought of a lover. The artist’s collected tone paired with the robust rhyme scheme of Mamadou really dives into the sheets of desire, lacquered with a melting pop hook.

The track’s industrial outro — and accompanying interlude “Complicated” — speaks highly on the EP’s arrangement, intimacy, and build, co-produced by Krishna alongside TV Nomad.

“This project has been a long time coming,” shares the artist. “I’ve spent the past couple of years in a phase of incubation; being intensely introspective, meeting the right producer, creating project after project but always holding off on releasing until I felt like the time and the music was right. I’m excited to finally wade in.”

TV Nomad (Courtesy of the artist)

T-Break” shines solely with the artist’s voice and a bare guitar lead, dreamily floating and hiding between lines of insecurity and feelings of irrelevancy. It’s the type of quiet loneliness that argues stability, dazzling with keys as reassurance. Then there’s moments where the artist is playful in her delivery and vocal inflections, heard on the track “IUWM,” seeing TV Nomad as nothing less than confident.

AM : PM and its fluidity makes waves for a listener to absorb not only the emotional soundscape, but equally the EP’s realization. It’s an honest and lush collection that easily puts on display the range by the artist, as well as curiosity for the next release. TV Nomad’s debut is comforting and so very human, existing in beauty where uncertainty seemed to once live.

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