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Yeah Baby Tease Upcoming LP with Double Release ‘Car No. 5 / Maniac’

Yeah Baby tease what is to come on their upcoming full length with a double release of darkgaze and alt rock.

Bringing in the new year with the poise of darkgaze rock, New York trio Yeah Baby tease what is to come on their next full length LP. The double release bookend 2020 and glisten with excitement moving forward. Featuring additional artists on each track, the revitalized tones and outside pieces help provide a fuller experience on each single and as a cohesive listen.

The first track, “Car No. 5,” is lathered in one of the most heavenly bass lines and calls to attention the rhythm section throughout the track’s entirety. Moving in perfect time with a more swinging delivery on drums, (thanks to Matt Barrick on drums and Morgan Henderson with percussion), the first few moments are reminiscent to post-punk bands of the early 2000s. A clever switch-up puts away these influences before the track gracefully moves in between the space of dissonance — one of the other key features on the track is its ability to play with noise, not from. There’s a physical gradient heard that is shaped from a frustrated epiphany, decorated with the chimes from a church like chorus.

Complementing such a striking lead, “Maniac” soothes with its elegance. The slower tempo and very disciplined performance on drums, played by Trevor Michael, grants attention towards its shoegaze guitar strums, somehow fueling the aurora of what really comes from “fascination.” Delicate vocals are in perfect synchronous motion with the allurement of the soundscape, peaking with flugelhorns by Chloe Rowlands.

At times it seems difficult to keep the attention with more dreamy ambiences, yet Yeah Baby doesn’t bore or beg for a completed listen on “Maniac.” It exists in delivery as it does with the listener, which not only makes for a delectable listen, but an insight of the band’s range and voice.

And as many artists continue to navigate the uncertainty due to the pandemic, with Bandcamp saving many, the singles will be available on the site to pay what you can which will assist in the funding of the next record with hopes to get a 7″ physical release in the future.

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