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Shedonist Demands Satisfaction on ‘5 Minutes’ Debut

Shedonist share their first single off their debut LP, "5 Minutes."

Formerly dubbed My Band, Los Angeles based quartet have rebranded as Shedonist. Lead by Jasmin Toubi, alongside Conor Spellane, Walker Dubois, and Ben Foerg, the alt-rock ensemble delivers a crunchier tone on their first offering “5 Minutes.” Sly in lyrical context, but forceful in tone, the cut is a robust 3-minute anthem of “female sexual empowerment.”

Ruthlessly putting cheap talk in its place, the song demands satisfaction and asserts itself to be heard. The stoner rock-esque hook flaunts its devil-may-care attitude filled with a sensual burn; which pairs well against crisp, drum clacks that bring the track to a refreshing end. Guitars are thick with the aroma of garage rock, layered as so, and Toubi’s growl carries all the motives of a grungy-blues ballad — one of the best things that make the single invigorating.

“5 Minutes” and its clarity sets the tone for the band’s forthcoming debut LP due 2021. It’s more than a solid introductory, but hints at greater things to come from the LA locals.

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