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Black Coffee Shares Passionate Dance Cut ‘You Need Me’ Feat. Maxine Ashley and Sun-El Musician

Black Coffee teams up with Maxine Ashley and Sun-El Musician for the DJ and producer's final gift of the year, "You Need Me."

Delivered as the last present of the year, DJ and producer Black Coffee laces magic with artistry on his latest single “You Need Me.” Crafted alongside Sun-El Musician and featuring the velvety vocals of Maxine Ashley, “You Need Me” blossoms from a deep soul wrap to the ambiance of a passionate dance.

Acting as the fifth single from the artist’s anticipated forthcoming album Subconsciously, due for release February 5, the single cements a studded 12-track offering of collaborative singles.

Tenderly built, the first few seconds are amorously carried by a piano and Ashley’s equally enamored tone. The track cleverly arranges a delicate heartbeat pulsating in the background for an electronic grounding. In 6 minutes, “You Need Me” takes on many forms, but glides a wistful heart for an all-embracing house production. Percussions and backing vocals reiterate the track’s creed and you are reminded once again that sounds can still be heard as fresh as the first time all over again.

Stream “You Need Me” on your favorite platform and pre-order Subconsciously here.

Subconsciously tracklist:

  1. Lost (w/ DJ Angelo) (feat. Jinadu)
  2. You Need Me (feat. Maxine Ashley & Sun-El Musician)
  3. SBCNCSLY (feat. Sabrina Claudio)
  4. I’m Fallin (feat. RY X)
  5. Time (feat. Cassie)
  6. LaLaLa (feat. Usher)
  7. Flava (feat. Una Rams & Tellaman)
  8. 10 Missed Calls (feat. Pharrell Williams & Jozzy)
  9. Ready For You (feat. Celeste)
  10. Wish You Were Here (feat. Msaki) [Album Version]
  11. Drive (w/ David Guetta) (feat. Delilah Montagu) [Edit]
  12. Never Gonna Forget (w/ Diplo) (feat. Elderbrook)

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