Muca & La Marquise ‘Devil’s Dance’

Muca & La Marquise share their fourth single this year and carve out a warm sound to end 2020.

London-based Brazilian musician and producer Muca, and the vocal enigma that is La Marquise, continue to enchant on each collaboration. Their soulful pop cuts, such as the slow burner “October Blues,” slink around in the head as some of the most memorable singles this year. Following suit with their contagious seasonal capture, Muca & La Marquise share their fourth single “Devil’s Dance” via Secret Warehouse of Sound Records and carve a warm sound, from what is, a dreaded year.

The acoustic fling takes a stroll whimsically past fate, admiring the sun streaks left on a long summer day, moving with the stylistic charm of bossa nova; a trait to look forward to exploring on their debut full-length due 2021.

La Marquise’s vocals take to the ears like a rich smoke filling a room — thick, yet light enough to dance alongside the production. The duo’s jaunt glistens in its arrangement, utilizing an obvious element of jazz with a hint of contemporary folk that can be appreciated beneath each devil-may-care whistle. The rhythm graciously moves with La Marquise’s raspy tone making for a luminous earworm.

In the same vein, “Devil’s Dance” and its allurement translates on the accompanying video. Directed and filmed by Brazilian director Eric Oelke, and shot at Stoke Newington and Abney Cemetery Park, the visual peaks at La Marquise without unveiling her identity. There’s a spark alongside the glossy-eyed frame that radiates happiness throughout the track’s entirety. One of the perfect ways to end this year and a gentle reminder of a new day.

“It was one of those rare and amazing sunny days in London. I decided to use two locations, the latter I subsequently discovered was where Amy Winehouse filmed Black To Black, to capture the effect of light on a bustling city and its silent graveyards.”

“When Muca contacted me, and showed me the music, even though I was quite busy, I wanted to be part of it. I was in Portugal, so I made the effort to come and film as I think this track is magical,” Oelke continues. “As La Marquise is a character, we wanted to keep her identity a secret, and although it was challenging, we’ve managed to capture it perfectly with this music video.”

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