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American Teleport Caters to A Cold Ambience on ‘Where Did You Go’ Feat. Emma Hoeflinger

American Teleport shares his latest single featuring Emma Hoeflinger and crafts a dark, winter atmosphere.

Nashville producer and keyboardist Beau Cooper, known better under his project American Teleport, dives into the wanderlust gene with “Where Did You Go.” Featuring the porcelain vocals of Emma Hoeflinger, the single peaks past the familiar to a chilled excitement, embracing the simple pleasures of life.

Cooper captures an electronic ripple of once stored thoughts, free on a new path. They no longer become lost echoes, but take form to a somber enjoyment that seems to promise to look forward. A deep, electro production melds with lush, organic elements, courtesy of a lapsteel, painting a specific scene in nature. One where the sun still lingers with the moon and the wind tells the time of the day.

It’s a very pristine and ambient environment that bodes well for the artist in the new year, but is given a new breath of life due to Emma’s frosted tone. It becks at the door of an isolated memory on the track’s break, to an overall angelic croon that gently sedates a listener.

Caring in its delivery, Cooper’s arrangement are thematic and vivid. And while it pulls from a shaded winter, there’s a delicacy in the side of the season shown.

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