The Black Mariah Theater Look For Their ‘Patron Saint’ on Spy Vs. Spy Inspired Visual

The Black Mariah Theater premieres there spy vs spy inspired video for "Patron Saint."

Following the smoke of the last cigarette lit to a trail of old love letters, comes The Black Mariah Theater. The Kansas City rock duo, comprised of twin sisters Analiese and Sophia, have a natural elegance when composing night-studded tracks with a jazz inflection, prominently heard on their debut album Patron Saint.

And of their 7-track collection, the album’s title track is proudly pushed through a film noir filter on their newest video, directed and edited by drummer Analiese. The quarantine trim paired with inspiration from DC’s Spy vs. Spy caters to a rough and charming exposé between the duo. Devious tip-toes and isolated, shifting shots roll on the production’s suspense for a classic orchestration. The humorous attempts at sabotage in the video offers a solemn lesson though; revenge sought is your own demise.

With a rustic finish, the track and visual implores multiple listens. “Patron Saint” and its ambience of mistrust finesses the four minutes. The track traces late night thoughts racing on a borrowed pulse with lines from yesteryear. It leads with a chamber-pop tone and swings towards the duo’s signature jazzier counterpart, alleviated by Sophia’s thick croon. Frolicsome drum parts pace the story to its fated melt of garage rock guitar plucks.

It’s of a longing mindset that satirically comes from a cold sober. One of the divine traits from The Black Mariah Theater.

The Black Mariah Theater (Photo: Analiese)

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