Soft Jocks Have A ‘Love Like Elvis’

Soft Jocks escape the hands of a demonic Elvis on their garage rock cut and video "Love Like Elvis."

Raising a peanut butter and banana sandwich up high, Soft Jocks’ garage rock cut takes us to simpler days. Taken off their upcoming EP Sinking Dingers via Sheffield’s Elephant Arch Records, “Love Like Elvis” thrusts its humorous pelvis with a raw grit and a power pop coating that drips with a punk aesthetic.

The trio, Joel, Edd and Tom, who hail from London, Leeds and San Diego respectively, charm the hell out of distortion on the track. And while “Love Like Elvis” is a vivacious 3-minutes that swing with beachfront waves, erratic drum cracks, and coarse vocals, the accompanying visual puts the trio’s wit at the forefront.

Shot in a day and filmed entirely on a VHS camcorder, the poor special effects that are visible through the grain become part of the band’s charisma. The return of a devilish Elvis puts in a motion a bad horror movie that no one saw 20 years ago and is now a cult classic during a milestone screening. Absurd violence, sharp instrumental breaks, clean fills, and death by the hands of the King — what more can one ask for?

Soft Jocks’ take is a warm fusion of revival genres without skipping out on the energy. While it brings the lingering sweat drops of a show to the comfort of your ears, I’ll be a liar to say bands like this don’t make me miss live shows.

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