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JESSI MAC Say Goodbye to ‘Bedroom Years’ on Alt-Grunge Cut

JESSI MAC return with their new alt-grunge track "Bedroom Years."

JESSI MAC, the project of Jessi Mcdonald, Lorenz Okello and Daniel Rogerson, share their second single “Bedroom Years” taken off their forthcoming debut EP, Border Lines, due February 4, 2021.

On their debut “Facial Expressions,” the band presented a formula of budding, not yet set emotions, later unraveling against a grit of distorted angst. A year later, the London-based trio polishes this formula with a clearer direction in theory and sound with “Bedroom Years.”

“‘Bedroom Years’ is sodden with my existential feelings of insignificance,” explains Mcdonald. “I think when you are in suspense of becoming an adult, the cold realities of the real world can be pretty overwhelming.”

It moves bittersweetly to Mcdonald’s thick tone, melting outside surroundings. Slowly burning and becoming the product of an alt-grunge dream, the gentle chimes of keys comfort innocently to the sadness of youth. The track’s builds and dismantles in poetry; matching distortion in schemes. The trio’s chemistry pulls the emotive range from Mcdonald’s lines to a bigger stage, simultaneously filling up every crevice of the track, be it with velvety guitar plucks or grainy silence.

“We have been working on this project for a while – it’s our farewell letter to our angst filled teenage years,” explain the band. “It doesn’t necessarily stick to any style or formula, and collaborations with other instrumentalists have transformed the songs from when we first wrote them. On paper we would seem a little mismatched but – without sounding cliché – it’s our differences that have developed our sound and ultimately made this project so exciting for us.”

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