Amon Keeps Moving Forward on ‘Stupid’

Amon shares the video for his latest track "Stupid."

Amon’s energy and sage lines are contagious upon each release. Building up a base in 2016 by strategically sharing a track a week for a year, the San Diego native amassed a steady following. Living by the motto “no excuses,” aptly holding the titles rapper, writer, producer, and engineer, Amon’s vitality in each delivery justifies his proverb.

On the artist’s latest, “Stupid,” Amon hits the ground running after a golden array of jubilant keys carry the first few seconds. Amon challenges the production with each bar and carries a consistent, strong flow that seems almost effortless to the ear. Animated with his syllables and word play, akin to the likes of Chance The Rapper, “Stupid” shines solely by Amon’s finesse.

Paired with a visual shot and edited by Three Hours Ago, “Stupid” follows Amon optimistically moving forward with his day. Amon’s singsong vocals elevate previous state of minds to an overall moral on the hook. Whereas driven political lines cross from the heart to a shared reality for Black Americans: “But were stronger, than any systematic oppression / And the knowledge we posses / Is brawny than any weapon / They could shoot / They could kill / They could murder /go head / Good spirit don’t die… / it keep movin / instead.”

Amon is an independent artist that should’ve been on your radar yesterday and we are patiently awaiting his next release.

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