MAWD Rips Egos on ‘Hot Shit’

MAWD pens a clear anthem to those on power trips while the world is on fire with her latest indie rock cut "Hot Shit."

We have lived a hundred lives this year, continued to fight an unjust war, and all to the backdrop of a global pandemic. And where silence shines a brighter light on the nature of people, admiration for some have melted into false idols.

Enter MAWD‘s latest single: The beckoning cry of humility for dismantled egos. Winding up a well deserved sucker punch of realization, “Hot Shit” eradicates the masquerade of a person. A moment of clarity for Los Angeles based artist Madeleine Mathews (MAWD), who pens from frustration, witnessing once cherished artists act “tone deaf” throughout the events of 2020.

Feverishly executed by Mathews’ sharp tongue and the yesteryear twist of indie rock, the strong will of “Hot Shit” matter-of-factly swings with a pop cadence and the vitality of Karen O. One of the many great things of the artist who can soulfully lace introspective words and sounds, and then rip at those very seams.

Blunt lines chip away at social media power trips and rightfully calls out their egos: “Oh you must think you’re such hot shit / flicking cigarettes while the world is burning / Oh you must think nobody see’s it / Honey you’ve got a lot of learning.” Despite feeling exhausted and angry throughout the vein of “Hot Shit,” Mathews’ disciplined craft keeps the track polished, lacquered with passive garage rock breaks and bright backing vocals.

The creativity of the artist also was tested during the making of the single while respecting the guidelines of quarantine. Reaching out to writing partner Josiah Mazzaschi — who has co-written on numerous songs, but always in the studio — for instrumental tracks to be used, Mathews then taught herself Logic, purchased new recording equipment, and recorded vocals remotely.

MAWD becomes a voice of reason and prosperously stands in her power on “Hot Shit.” While we bathe in the absence of live music, there’s comfort knowing artists like MAWD exist and will bring it all, on or off the stage.

“Hot Shit” is premiering today on GUM and will officially be released Friday, November 20, 2020.

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Cover photo: Ben Thomas

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