Dani Nash Soothes from Past to Present on ‘Lady, Lover’

Dani Nash creates bittersweet comfort on the artist's second single taken from her upcoming full-length album.

Dani Nash’s debut “West Side” cleared the multi-instrumentalist’s path from behind the drum kit to fronting her own project. And with an upcoming full-length, the artist’s latest track “Lady, Lover” continues to etch Nash into a clearer story telling role, sweetly adding a fresh take on newly formed talents for herself and within the Toronto scene.

Though to be fair, Nash has always been a vital musician to the Toronto community and queer music scene, spending the last ten years performing with JULY TALK, Andy Shauf, and Brendan Canning, to name a few. With Nash now taking the lead, there’s a shift in emotion from rhythm to melody, which “Lady, Lover” ultimately begs from at its start.

Noted to be rather “bittersweet” about the feeling of “wanting to find a place to hide,” through the guise of a warm sonic pool, there is still no ill bone of regret when coming from the past. Lyrics are critical, admittedly, but reflective and simultaneously disarming. Nash’s iridescent vocals catch light from solace to dreamy winds of guitars, painting an image of peace on the other side.

And while its motive can be subjective, its sympathy is universal. Complimenting the sharp path of “West Side,” it’s clear that Nash’s full project will be an ambitious telling of an unpredictable journey.

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