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Kat Dahlia Flexes on ‘Tu Tortura’

Kat Dahlia flexes on post-breakup anthem "Tu Tortura" taken off the artist's upcoming album ‘SeVeN’, due October 30.

Not all ends are a loss, and Kat Dahlia makes that perfectly clear on her post-breakup flex, “Tu Tortura.” Taken off the artist’s upcoming full length, SeVeN, due October 30, the Cuban-American’s energy isn’t spent on sulking or diminishing her worth, rather asserting it as an asset that will forever be her ex’s torture.

“Tu Tortua” leads with a distorted, and yet still, bright electric guitar that ripples with better days ahead and complements Dahlia’s velvety rasp. The artist bluntly presents the situation with sarcastic undertones, layered laughs, and self-assured verses that melt onto the reggaeton, pop lacquered hook.

Steadily moving across the eclectic production between English and Spanish, the progressive R&B vibes take pages from the artist’s playbook and will have us all posting pictures for lingering eyes to see what they’re missing.

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