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Chloe Rodgers Illuminates the Many ‘Faces’ of Life

Chloe Rodgers returns with an icy alt-pop single and presents the duality of this thing called life.

Just like the sides of one story, comes the different shades of one face. Nottingham-based artist Chloe Rodgers illuminates this multifaceted surface on her latest single “Faces.” The icy single dances with alt-pop and electronica for an enchanting mediation that falls at the feet of the artist’s celestial vocals. Though, the true charm of “Faces” is in its presentation, one which Rodgers’ executes with a steady mind.

Reaching a little beyond five minutes, the track is seamlessly presented into two halves. Rodgers shines a light from both ends of the spectrum and floats beyond words for a chilling assurance that one is still alive. It’s an astral projection that is guided by a cinematic orchestration which builds steadily underneath and nourishes a hungry soul.

Rodgers’ resonance removes all doubt, worry, and untethered wordily problems before meeting an instrumental pool of reflection. “Faces” beautiful arranges strings, horns, and the abstract concept of light and dark, it becomes hard to look at anything through a one-dimensional lens upon listening.

“The first half of ‘Faces’ is about one of the loveliest days I’ve had where I felt so connected to my friends and the universe,” says Rodgers. “The second half is about one of the worst days of my life where I felt like I was being eaten alive by paranoia and fear, I really thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive that day. I thought the contrast of these 2 intense feelings would make an interesting song. The bits where I’m just singing a tune with no words and the instrumental is meant to represent taking time to reflect on these things.”

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Cover photo: Lucia Garcia

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