Xelli Island Basks in Love on Dream-Pop Single ‘Bad For You’

Xelli Island dives into love on dream pop cut and video, "Bad For You."

Xelli Island is the dream pop project spearheaded by vocalist and songwriter Lianna Vanicelli, and through a string of fronting back-to-back bands, the artist has found a a clearer path as a solo artist.

With roots in Detroit, the Philippines, and now in Los Angeles, Vanicelli’s free spirited and assertive drive has allowed the artist to craft a purposeful and harmonious sound. And on the artist’s latest video for “Bad For You,” we are immersed in these tones alongside the gentle chimes of wanderlust.

Directed by the artist alongside Babae Studios at Joshua Tree, “Bad For You” is a self-explanatory love song that sees no limits in its surroundings. The delicacy of the track is brought to fruition through Xelli’s weightless tone, which glimmers in a higher range.

With lyrics peppered on screen, an immediate notice to the artist’s yearning lines tug on heart strings: “Could the truth be so benign, a lawless kind, that keeps me full and empty, harnessed in your touch, how can I leave.” The desert glow follows the artist’s decree of love throughout the video and is a simplistic dream.

Though, heavily sedated in the fanciful traits of dream pop, there are two halves to the track. Almost glowing at first with infatuation and an inconceivable range of love one could offer, “Bad For You” takes on a doo-wop, beach style, strummed on the back of a jubilant beat and poppier vocal inflections, to a down-tempo, electronica break.

What comes ahead of the artist’s five-track EP, Meet Me at the Waterfall, the artist’s thematic focus on love in all aspects continues. “Not just romantic love, but learning to appreciate what’s in front of you. How powerful love is, how it lingers, how it hurts,” shares the artist. “I love melding really human experiences with dreamlike sounds that make you live in those moments for a few minutes.”

“Bad For You” is the second track taken off the artist’s upcoming EP, Meet Me at the Waterfall, due October 23.

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