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Drama Dolls Preach ‘Sometimes You Gotta Be A Bitch’

Drama Dolls share their take on prime-time soaps with their jagged, brat-punk single, "Sometimes You Gotta Be A Bitch."

A punch to the gut of an overlooked epiphany comes LA’s Drama Dolls latest single “Sometimes You Gotta Be A Bitch.” Self-explanatory in its right, the single possess all of the signature blasts and charisma of the trio.

Comprised of Egg (guitar, lead vocals), Scrambles (drums, vocals), and TKO (bass,vocals), the almost 3-minute “brat-punk” anthem rips societal contracts — especially as a woman/womxn — and serves them on a fast tempo, jagged production. Drama Dolls tear into the simple beat count and fills it with chorial layers, rambunctious vocals, and melodious flares of pop for the ultimate balance.

Though, one of the best accompanying mediums to the track are the trio’s visual that takes pages from the prime-time soaps, specifically the 1980’s series “Dynasty.” The video sees signature, cheesy acting and far-fetched scenarios that highly speak of the trio’s constant wit and humor. Filled with a long list of cameos, including host of Six Degrees of Sarzo on Monsters of Rock, Rudy Sarzo, musician Anne Preven, and actor/playwright Liv Hewson, it becomes a lively fantasy that reminds us to not take life so seriously, and also that sometimes, hey, yeah you gotta be a bitch.

“Sometimes You Gotta Be A Bitch” is on their upcoming A-side/B-side EP release, Over The Shoulder / Boulder Holder.

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