The Golden Lips Belt Out ‘Army of One’ on Latest Video

The Golden Lips share their latest alt-rock cut "Army of One," the first of many singles to be released next year.

Following-up their self-titled 2019 EP, Spanish 4-piece The Golden Lips return with a slice of aggression on “Army of One.” The single is the first of many that are expected to be released in 2021 and continue the band’s fast paced fury and non-authoritative mindset.

The Joaquín Sánchez Baillo directed video exemplifies The Golden Lips’ vitality the best way possible– through a live performance. Self-explanatory, the band’s aggravated stance on where “change” comes from, seeing actually none, is the catalyst of the track.

“Army of One” utilizes restraint vocals that muzz throughout the verses before ultimately belting out against resistance. Taking pages from the alternative nu-metal scene, the disturbance in tone makes for a great build up, melodious solos, and hard hitting drums. There’s something beautiful about hoarse vocals scratching against rapid notes being plucked all in the name of something bigger.

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