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GHXST ‘It Falls Apart’

Grunge-noise duo GHXST share their second single from their forthcoming EP, 'Dark Days,' due November 16.

Grunge-noise duo GHXST share their second track from their forthcoming EP, Dark Days, due November 16. Following up the haunting scuzz sounds of “P.U.R.R” from September, now comes a forceful cut of rock on “It Falls Apart,” and listens as a more assured composition.

Written when the duo drove out west to California, leaving New York behind after a decade, “It Falls Apart” gathers shards for a complete sound.

It’s confident in its approach than its predecessor in sound, and takes the duo’s lingering walk of moody, scuzz to a revelation; admitting to reality and ultimately embracing a new wave of change. The grit in production works so well with the low, and monotone stylings of vocals, and nest a soundscape for distorted guitars.

“It Falls Apart” misleads and comforts, which entices the EP as a whole. Taking its name, Dark Days, from a James Baldwin’s book (“No one is free until everyone is free”), the rest to come are sure to challenge ideas and the “restraint” of sound.

“We built the beats to sound like an 808 booming out of a Cadillac window in Bed Stuy,” shares the duo of the Brooklyn neighborhood where they resided. “We hope someone blows out a speaker playing this record.”

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