Como Asesinar A Felipes Talk Influences and Politics for Upcoming LP ‘MMXX’

Como Asesinar A Felipes' DJ Spacio talks about releasing their ninth record, 'MMXX,' the protests going on in Chile, COVID, and a brief history in music in Santiago.

As an almost sonic successor to Black Flag’s “My War,” MMXX listens like manic journal entries and the musings of the writer’s musical innovations as the words convey a sense of urgency. Freedom to shoot poetry from the hip in a language built for speed.

Listen to the full conversation in collaboration with Sketched Sounds

I spoke with Carolos Meza, aka DJ Spacio, about his work behind Como Asesinar A Felipes (CAF), their latest single “Hemos Vuelto del Abismo,” and the band’s forthcoming album, MMXX. While everyone in the band brings their own influence to the table, Meza highlights their collective love of the classics in hip hop, from De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, to the Deftones and Radiohead.

“…When we start, we always talk about what are you hearing? What are you reading? What are you watching? And our five guys changing influence, and it’s a lot [laughs],” says Meza.

For these remixes of “Hemos Vuelto del Abismo,” they enlisted the talented hands of Jamaican dub producer Scientist and Billy Gould of Faith No More, among others. Their network of influence is strong, and the sphere continues to grow.

Since the band’s inception, they have been outspoken and unapologetic on the state of the nation. Chile has a tumultuous history and, since the death of Augusto Pinochet in 2006, has led to louder calls for structural change. Meza looks forward to a new constitution. He regrets that Pinochet died before paying for his crimes and lived through the disparity in wealth left by his legacy that continues today.

“It’s a mixture of things,” says Meza. “Because the guy that bad, never pay for nothing. The guy died and never was charge for something… Maybe some themes of [well] ‘we win the guy is dead,’ but like, the guy never pay for nothing. Maybe that is– that is painful.”

“…we are aware of the situation of the country, with the politician of the people with less access to the money [who] would play with less access to the location. We all are aware of what happened in our society. And of course, that’s a bunch of our music….”

CAF acknowledges these disparities through their music and records the frustration as only artists can. Perseverance and finding strength to push ahead is the band’s ethos for MMXX [2020], a truly testing year for everyone. They’re here to see us through it all.

Como Asesinar A Felipes (Photo: Ignacio Galvez)

Listen to the full conversation in collaboration with Justin Bieggar’s podcast, Sketched Sounds. Carlos Meza, known as DJ Spacio of the Chile-based band Como Asesinar A Felipes, talks about releasing their ninth record, MMXX, the protests going on in Chile, COVID, and a brief history in music in Santiago. Correction: Audio states MMXX is released October 19 and is incorrect; MMXX will be released October 16, 2020.

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