Amritha Shakti ‘Take Me Home’

Amritha Shakti returns with her last song off her forthcoming EP, 'The Process.'

Amritha Shakti’s final installment “Take Me Home,” taken off the artist’s upcoming debut EP, The Process, is an encapsulation of years of lost words. Through the wounds collected in her life and even betrayal of self (felt on the journey of self-love), Amritha comes to an ultimate plateau of peace.

The soul-tinged sermon of “Take Me Home” shares the most vulnerable parts of the artist’s life to relay the underlining message that we are all connected. Tamil fused vocals mediate “we all came from the same place,” reassuring there is a God in all, while the beauty of Indian instrumentation wrap the song in pride.

Following suit of “Because They Told Me To,” “Ghostown,” and the spoken word “Do I love myself … fully?,” Amritha’s dedication to her twenties is more than a coming-to-age story, beyond being a women/womxn, but one of the most accurate portrayals of enlightenment through setting the past and self free.

The accompanying video is as gorgeous as the track, but ultimately knocks harder on the soul for its trinkets of symbolism. Directed by Nalin Narang and filmed/edited by Saieash Mohanadas, the first half is a stark setting that is drenched in routine and false sense of worth. Amritha is covered in medals and accompanying trophies while an array of clocks, that seem to stand still, remind her of where she needs to be according to “the script” of life she exhaustedly carries. And while the first half of the video focuses on the sound of an pre-set, air conditioned box, the second half dismantles it all.

Amritha Shakti

Vivid colors welcome Amritha to wander for meaning and ultimately herself. One by one she removes all that weighs her down, from her heels, the corporate blazer, medals, to finally her lehenga, which she shares on social media she picked out when she “almost married the wrong person out of pressure.”

Ultimately, through the guidance of her culture she is washed in a better understanding of who she is. Holi colors isolate the artist for a touching sense of selfless love and specific reminders through each dusted pigment. The realization leaves Amritha with a small bindi, shown as the artist’s third eye and how “spirituality saved” herself.

It’s one of those videos that instantly take hold of your heart without much force. Through the earnest storytelling and eventual new-found appreciation, “Take Me Home” is at the beck and call of a place of hurt, yearning for more, yet still sides with hope. The eloquent fusion of sounds thrive from Amritha’s soulful vocals and blossoms with each listen.

And though with its heavy faith, the track doesn’t preach. It’s selfless enough to present a story with a freewill: if you don’t believe in anything else, at least believe in yourself.

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