CAMÍNA Mourns on Trip-Hop Ballad ‘Forever and Always’

CAMÍNA mourns loss on mesmerizing ballad, "Forever and Always."

Regardless of one’s belief, it can be agreed on that a person never truly leaves as long as they aren’t forgotten. It’s this reassured embrace that sparks tenderly on the latest track by CAMÍNA, the solo project of Dallas-based musician Ariel Saldivar.

Despite any philosophical belief, this notion doesn’t remove the puddle of anguish — an aspect which Saldivar balances meeting, like an old friend, on “Forever and Always.” And as we approach the unveiling of the artist’s debut album, Te Quiero Mucho, due out October 2, 2020, the second single displays an open wound that will sure see its healing counterpart on the album.

The artist walks back memories of time spent with those who have passed away and cries for their absence with pristine vocals, thick with heartache. Saldivar’s range is mesmerizing, exhibiting a voracious tone that waltzes beautifully with the track’s eulogist organ.

“Channeling the vocal stylings of Whitney Houston and the breathy, heart-on-your-sleeve sounds of George Michael, ‘Forever and Always’ is a contemporary take on the classic power ballad,” shares the artist. “A crackling funerary organ wafts beneath lyrics that plead for the departed (‘Believe me when I say I miss you forever and always’) to understand how much they meant and how much they will be missed.”

Photo: Rambo Elliott

Still true to the trip-hop nature, this contemporary blend is flawless and is further amplified on its accompanying visual, once again directed by Daniel N. Johnson. The intimate performance is as soothing as it is mournful to watch. Saldivar’s candor, grief, and love, rotate through an assortment of colors, cleverly mimicking the motions one goes through loss, acting as a beautiful tribute.

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Cover photo: Daniel N. Johnson, “Forever and Always” still

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