Irene Diaz Celebrates Love on Tender Visual ‘Me and My Babe’

Los Angeles-based artist, Irene Diaz, shares a tender visual to accompany her folk-tinge homage to love on "Me and My Babe."

Irene Diaz is just one of those artists who stop you cold in your thoughts. Furnished with an impeccable range and a natural talent to weave a story, Diaz’s signature love croons continue to flourish as Diaz evolves firmly, and authentically, in her voice.

Following-up Diaz’s LIVE EP, and the alt-pop single, “Another Observer,” the latest from the Los Angeles artist depicts a timeless adoration and the liberation it holds. What was originally released as an acoustic preview two years ago during time spent in Mexico to work on her upcoming LP, Lovers & Friends, the studio version of “Me and My Babe” has not lost its magic. If anything, the dusty ballad embraces idle time in the wake of a lover in the most passionate fashion.

Capturing the organic and kismet way a heart leads, Diaz shares an accompanying video that shifts the focal point to viewers peaking intimately between lovers. Directed and edited by Lana Mack, the visual is a beautiful homage of souls going through life together, “come what may,” featuring Diaz’s wife and multi-instrumentalist, Carolyn Cardoza. Shot in black and white in the desert, the warm lull mirrors Diaz’s vocals and loving timbre that is filled with wisdom and candor: “and when my Daddy found out / it was you / he fell apart / But you, you can’t choose / who your heart falls into.”

The track and video not only puts into motion anticipation for the next release by Diaz, but a significant shift in confidence felt from the artist. There’s a beautiful truth from Diaz that puts her at her best with “Me and My Babe,” it seems impossible to not love upon listening.

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Cover photo: Lana Mack

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