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Daniela Andrade Contemplates Temptation on Dazed Cut ‘K.L.F.G.’

Daniela Andrade shares her latest dazed single taken from her upcoming EP due this month.

Honduran-Canadian producer and artist, Daniela Andrade, shares her newest single “K.L.F.G.” taken off her forthcoming EP, Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same, slated for release September 30.

The dazed single comes in at almost two minutes and sees the artist sealed in thought, engrossed through possibilities while maneuvering through a bed of electronics. Relating to a moment of temptation, debating making contact with someone you very well shouldn’t, the track’s lyrics tug back and forth knowing the lustful outcome. Andrade’s low and melodic murmur feeds the electronica vibes and adds the dosage of sensuality which connects the song to a listener.

Collaborating once more with director Jeremy Comte, the accompanying visual stimulates the temptation further and entices in its simplicity. Bathing in fanciful desires and warm tones, the video does something wonderful with the few moments of silence when you let a decision take over.

“Since the lyrics are so direct I wanted to keep the video simple and direct as well,” shares Andrade. “WIL Studios sent an idea of a simple performance shot with a VFX ladybug, Jeremy Comte suggested a sunflower field. Everyone’s collaborative efforts and ideas turned into what you see now.”

Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same comes as a result from quarantine in the midst of Andrade trying to record her debut album. The need to cut a separate slew of tracks makes “K.L.F.G.”, and assuming the rest, that much more personal.

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Cover photo: Jean Francois Suave

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