Camil Camil Gives Tracks New Meaning on Live Session EP

Camil Camil shares a live session EP, revisiting and imagining three previous releases.

Argentina-based artist Camil Cuenca, better known as Camil Camil, shares her well awaited live session EP via Cosmodemónica and reconstructs previous releases. The intimate rendition and delivery explore missed senses received when witnessing live music for what the artist calls giving birth a year later to “intimate and metaphysical versions in intention” (A casi un año de haberlo hecho, hoy doy nacimiento a versiones íntimas Y metafísicas en intención).

Featuring Pablo Tirachio on guitar, Lucía Meira on synths, Juan Pablo Alfier on drums, and Ana Diaz on cello and backing vocals, the three-track EP shifts its direction on tactility from artist to listener. Tracks take their time and fill up a room in a different way, not to say they are better than Camil’s original versions, but simply offers a tender embrace.

Siendo Honesta” and its original studio recording flourished in its liberation, as the live session slows the tempo and bathes in the beauty of Camil’s words: “Levanto el velo que cubre el secreto / Despiertan los que duermen en este silencio (I lift the veil that covers the secret / Those who sleep in this silence awaken).”

It becomes a clear representation of the artist and takes a cleaner route, even visually compared to its original delivery, which allows “Este Destino” to follow suit. Whereas “Recordar” took on a sensitive tangibility and still managed to embody the ethereal qualities originally heard.

The live sessions become an important, transitional piece for the artist’s discography and takes a closer look at Camil’s trip-hop, and mystic influences, while alluding to more genres to be explored.

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