YelloPain and Sevyn Streeter Teams Up with Vote.Org on ‘My Vote Will Count’

YelloPain and Sevyn Streeter team up with to share an encouraging messaging for this upcoming election on "My Vote Will Count."

YelloPain continues to be a vital voice for hip hop, utilizing his skills to implement change. Earlier this year the Dayton-native released his single “My Vote Don’t Count,” and ironically catered to this sentiment while addressing why many Americans choose to not vote for a president.

In a clever and poetic bookend, the artist teams up with Sevyn Streeter and the non-profit organization,, to put into perspective who and why the need to vote is so crucial on “My Vote Will Count.”

Its accompanying visual companion immediately showcases the reality as Sevyn’s melodious, rustic tone leads, “I know the world won’t give me nothing, so I gotta take it,” against a backdrop of police brutality and silent bystanders. It then moves the narrative into various social settings as YelloPain educates that it isn’t just those in the executive office, such as the president, there’s more people to be held accountable that the public doesn’t know about.

YelloPain’s conscious bars are met with a meticulous delivery in the video. Not only does he educate, but he motivates through his art. The artist holds an obvious, vast range that alludes the best is yet to come, socially and musically, but we need to exercise our own voices.

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