Morchella Collaborates with Isabel Garrett on Gorgeous Stop-Motion Visual, ‘Coat of Arms’

Morchella's visual narrates an intimate and fanciful folklore, akin to the avant-pop track.

The revelation that there is something bigger than yourself is a timed transformation. Even more so, it lines up the magic of our effect upon one another and calls for a beautiful outlook. London-based artist Morchella creates an intimate and ravishing narrative which explores these themes on “Coat of Arms,” to only further stun on its accompanying visual directed by award-winning Welsh animation director, Isabel Garrett.

The stop-motion video openly illustrates a mythical story of two stags who come from alternate universes after a literal meshing of their worlds. Opposites on the surface, the two don’t allow fear to consume and find their synergy. Every fiber on screen is dressed in the rhythm and beauty of Morchella’s lyrics; understanding each possess a story, yet are right where they should be.

The two are met with compassion and a striking love that overflows from the screen. It is done with a supernatural delicacy and welcomes adoringly, wide eyes to trace the duality between mediums. Though, like the video’s characters, the track and video ignite one another’s best features.

Morchella orchestrates a lush, electronic playing field that is sensitive to our senses. The vibrancy and expansive avant-pop coat pushes past the initial brooding waltz towards a poetic keepsake. And with Garrett’s collaboration, “Coat of Arms” becomes an intimate, folklore to keep passing along.

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