SO (Senseless Optimism) Finds the Light on 2-Track Project, ‘Escapism’

SO (Senseless Optimism) shares a two-track project that tackles depression and aims to find peace.

Massachusetts-based artist SO, standing for Senseless Optimism, seems to be on a mission to not only explore their hidden emotions, but offer a gentle reassurance to listeners. Not necessarily a new artist to the music world, seemingly coming from other projects, SO’s venture is a solo endeavor that is exciting to watch from the start as it is to the artist shaping their sound.

Earlier this summer, the artist’s debut Sunlight Sadness took bedroom rock and raw memories to a skidded trance with tracks like “Nobody.” The hypnotic and lo-fi nature was a melting pot of influences from the local scene. It wasn’t until the artist’s latest 2-track project Escapism, where a better understanding of SO’s lyricism and craft could be heard.

There’s something genuinely comforting upon listening to SO’s work and Escapism justly proves this position. “My Mind” is nothing less than a confessional and slowly walks the imagery of being trapped amidst the chamber-pop threads: “Everyone can see / That I’ve been defeated / But I try again / And though I pray to God / That I, can find a way / Out of this space, everyday.”

Escapism is two songs about wanting to escape my current mindset of hopelessness, depression, and defeat,” shares the artist on Bandcamp. “It’s a single about finding the light at the end of the tunnel.”

SO’s vocals are ironically durable, considering the “defeated” nature of the track. They are able to console just as well and evaporate to a dreamy, rich tone. Naturally thick with emotion and smoky in delivery, SO’s tone carries each track. It seamlessly bleeds into “Run Away” that embodies the desired escape of the project. The repetitive hook calls for the person’s internal dialogue and leaves it optimistically open-ended.

Paired with a recent music video for “My Mind” on Instagram, the artist’s raw motives offers companionship for anyone who may be enduring depression. As for SO musically, the project is a labor of love and experience, and we can’t wait to see what SO’s next move is.

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