Lauren Lakis Removes ‘Fear of God’

Lauren Lakis grapples with a religious upbringing on her latest music video, "Fear of God."

Depicting an alternative gaze of temptation, Los Angeles-based artist Lauren Lakis’ latest video grapples with the artist’s own religious upbringing for a philosophical exploration of faith and what it is to be a human, regardless of the cloth worn.

The fictional narrative takes “Fear of God” and its natural scuzzy tone to a place of internal understanding. Removing the notion of fear, what is on the other side of a human creature? It echoes enlightenment, simultaneously with uncertainty, all held in the tantalizing hook. It begs not to ask, but demand attention, of the interchangeable fears.

The track lives from experience, but the video takes on a universal meaning of allurement. Layered in the dreaminess of shoegaze, with an alt-rock bite, Lakis’ range moves with the strides of its religious character.

“Nuns were an important part of my childhood; some were teachers of mine, and some were just simply present around the school and church,” shares the artist. “I’ve always felt fascinated by them – how could a woman choose to commit herself to her faith in such a permanent way? I honestly felt pretty inferior in their presence, like my sinfulness was illuminated by their holy aura.”

“I’ve always loved the idea of subverting the idea of the ‘Bride of Christ’ and decided to explore that theme in the music video,” continues Lakis. “I thought, what if we found a nun in the desert, having her own ‘Temptation of Christ’ pilgrimage, invited to dance with the devil…giving in to the ultimate temptation…only to feel disappointed afterward?

“I asked my guitarist and bandmate, Jared Ciezlewicz, to play the devil and he was a great sport in accepting my invitation. His guitar is such an integral part of the song itself, so it was perfect that he and I would act together in the video. My good friend Ian Carre-Burritt co-directed with me, shot it, and edited.”

“Fear of God” is taken from the upcoming album Daughter Language due late 2020 via Green Witch Recordings.

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