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Lucy Camp Illustrates the Potency of Time on ‘Someday Maybe’

Lucy Camp's 'Someday Maybe' is a walk from the artist's yesteryears to a profound space of looking forward.

Lucy Camp’s Someday Maybe is walk from the artist’s yesteryears to a profound space of looking forward. Personal in its narrative, the 6-track project sees the San Jose artist reflect on her near-fatal car crash that occurred last year and gives a more heartfelt meaning to the possibility of “someday.” At the least to say, the EP is a mediated move, straying into assurance and balancing the rawness of the artist’s Campfire Mixtape, which was recorded and released during the artist’s healing process.

On the heels of the artist’s last release “Thelma & Lucy,” which is featured as a bonus track on the EP, Someday Maybe takes an unexpected, personal turn, that seems more cathartic as a whole with every listen.

Dirty” is a personal favorite and leads the way for the discussion of past memories and dressing of the roots from which Lucy grew from: “Using my finger to scrape ice from the freezer / Hungry / That’s how we were / But you can’t get medicine with no signs of fever.” The first verse’s imagery takes you from a bottle of bug spray, to speaking to the same roach, feeding the laid-back hook of blissful ignorance felt at the moment. Whereas “El” instantly derives from the nostalgic sound and staggers towards past resentment towards her father. Acknowledging her “combative phase,” Lucy unfolds to a horn filled hook that swoons with appreciation and new found realization you meet on the other side of growth.

And like “El”, “Healing (V2)” finds a version of tranquility from the artist’s accident. Originally sharing a snippet last year, the second version extends into budding lines that read as sage advice being passed down onto a harmonious production. It is yet again another favorite that bookends the tremor and anguish on the Campfire Mixtape, and possess lyricism that deserve to be read in their own light.

Transitioning into the more romantic aspect of the EP, “Waited” and “Deluzional” go off. “Deluzional” and its switch-up are sharp, passionate, and assertive. The filtered mechanics amplify the intended aggression and work well on top of calm keys. Lucy’s bars stem from a wandering mind and turns each word into scorned promises, fueled by the artist’s unstable tone.

Someday Maybe is rooted in boom bap and offers a variety of production plays by Peter Anthony Red, which at times are embraced by the gentleness of dream pop. Lucy’s cadence carries the EP and extracts a myriad of senses from her storytelling alone. Followed by a sharp wit and explosive candor, Lucy’s delivery and versatility radiates from start to finish.

Someday Maybe is now available on Bandcamp and will be out on all streaming platforms soon.

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