Lastlings Dazzle With Their Latest Arrangement of Cassian’s ‘Together’ Ft. Thandi Phoenix

Lastlings bring their latest twist on Cassian's "Together" and departs into a tech-heavy exploration.

With club driven synth sounds framed in a textured and otherworldly proportion, Lastlings bring their latest twist on a Cassian standout. A distinct offering from the otherwise pop focused artists, the artists take a departure into a methodical tech-heavy exploration.

As they transport us with expansive voltage patterns the ambience unravels with endless force. Recently releasing his summer debut, Cassian’s album Laps recalls some of these contemporary influences with crisp rhythms and poignant vocals. Their collaboration came about through their steadfast friendship and profound appreciation for each other’s work.

On the remix, Lastlings shared, “We have been lucky enough to work with and learn from the producer/mixing wizard that is Cassian for a few years now, so it only felt right for us to put our own touch on something from his new album Laps. Given how close we are with Cass, the idea for this remix came naturally, and as we bounced ideas back-and-forth we found a sweet spot around Thandi’s lush vocals that gave us a warm euphoric hug while also being full of dance-floor energy.”

That warm energy evokes on this effortless collaboration, as Lastlings brings a compelling new version of “Together.” Cassian has also gone further to express that Lastlings convey an electronic potency ahead of their time, recognizing their sleek productions and emotive songwriting. As we eagerly expect more collaborative work from the artists, this remix glistens with the prospects ahead.

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Instagram / Facebook / Soundcloud 

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