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CA7RIEL Surveys Trepidation in ‘Polvo’

CA7RIEL captures a specific blend of uncertainty on his latest single "Polvo."

Trepidation; an adjective used to describe the anxiety or uncertainty that something is on the horizon. It’s a sinking feeling that builds to a wondrous catharsis that Argentinian wunderkind CA7RIEL captures in his breathtaking new single “Polvo.” Emerging in a subtle rhythm, the track barely fragments the surface as we find the artist engaging in an exchange of emotional reflections.

Accompanied by a stark contrast of haunting melodies, “Polvo” abruptly reaches a breaking point followed with intrusive basslines. It’s in this uncharted territory we find ourselves lost in the depths of CA7RIEL’s production, an audible landscape of angst and apprehension. However, it’s the rapper’s intuitive ability to build off of this moment into a euphonious flow that speaks volumes on his level of artistry. The articulate rhymes that follow boast his ingenious play on lyricism. Even as I write this, it’s absolutely perplexing the amount of range “Polvo” covers, indicating the inception of a true figure to propel Argentina’s evolving trap scene into the mainstream.

CA7RIEL has been making music for years, finding himself at an intersection of punk rock influences and his boisterous cadence carried by his devotion to old-school hip hop. Already recognized among his peers as an inventive and equally avant-garde artist, CA7RIEL himself has been described as an “oveja negra” or “black sheep”. His unorthodox approach to writing songs, that often carry contrasting arrangements, has listeners practicing a new form of patience as we find at any turn his tracks can evolve. It’s inarguable with the audacious methods manifested in “Polvo” CA7RIEL is one to watch this year.

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