Lawn Bask in ‘Summertime’ Ahead of New Record

Post-punk duo Lawn return with "Summertime" ahead of their forthcoming sophomore release, 'Johnny.'

Born from the house show scene of New Orleans, post-punk duo Lawn is following up on their 2018 debut Blood on the Tracks, with a cut from their forthcoming sophomore release, Johnny.

Summertime” is the band’s third single cut from the record and features a video narrative directed by Zack Shorrosh. The duo is centered in the familiar tight space of a house show, backgrounding the theatrical destruction of hair to a limited crowd. As they look on with growing anticipation, vocalist Rui Magalhaes steps aside to reveal the stoic expression of a shaved head, perhaps symbolic of a service industry employee’s mandatory chill in the face of overreactions. Oh, how we miss shows.

This follow-up features a few racers that reconnect to forbearing punk and spastic Mothersbaugh-esque expression. Though drummer Nick Corson departed sometime after the release of their debut, his replacement, another New Orleans transplant known as Hunter Keene, wasted no time learning the band’s pace. They took their time with this one to perfect a nuanced velocity, consolidating tempo and sharper writing, cutting down to nine tracks what they previously accomplished in twelve, creative blood spilled in spectacular motion blur.

Johnny is out September 4, 2020 via Muscle Beach / Community. Pre-order the LP here.

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Cover photo: Ellie Williams

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