CrowJane Severs Masks on Mixed Media Visual ‘Terminal Secrets’

CrowJane faces the mask humanity hides on stunning single and video "Terminal Secrets."

Witness to the left hand of alchemy comes a secretive pain of humanity. CrowJane transforms the surrealism within, into something special on her solo offering, “Terminal Secrets.” Better known from the bands Egrets on Egrot and Prissy Whip, the Los Angeles artist’s single is the first look of a new endeavor and debut album, MATER DOLOROSA, due September 15 via Kitten Robot Records. Simultaneously paired with a visual, “Terminal Secrets” may sever our guards down to a much needed, thin-skinned residue.

Chopping experimental darkwaves against ethereal melodies, CrowJane’s production, arrangement, and delivery is impeccable. There’s a kismet lot of post punk and alternative rock that is explored and felt akin to a religious experience. Possessing melodic chants that drive the track and mirror a cleansing act, this repetitive purge misleads cleverly in the first stages.

There’s always more that is heard through multiple listens though, which speaks highly to the attentive and skilled mind of the artist. Conceptual sounds are taken to a different realm by Jenny Nigrend’s direction in the video and here we witness genuine transformation.

The stop motion, visual-bite manipulates time when viewing for a better understanding of the perceived masks and the reflected question that bounces sharply back: Who are we under our masks?

“Terminal Secrets” video still (Jenny Nirgends)

“Lyrically, this song was inspired by the idea that a person can have a smile on their face but be screaming on the inside,” says the artist on “What is portrayed on the outside doesn’t always reflect what is actually going on inside a person and within their mind. People can spend so much of their life chasing for money, power, security, validation, fame, ‘success’, and wake up to the realization of the ‘monster they have become’ on their journey to obtain or achieve it.”

Each motion raises similarities when carrying a burden of a forced smile or attitude, tenderly embracing the wounded. The meticulous portrayal is gorgeous while CrowJane isolates a specific feeling and state of mind. Down to the climatic ending, which sees the first authentic breath of air, “Terminal Secrets” consoles through its gritty truth; a stunning start for a highly anticipated album.

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Cover photo:  Jenny Nirgends

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