Brittany Campbell ‘Matter’

Brittany Campbell shares the profound animation for the equally powerful track "Matter."

Existence shouldn’t be political. Los Angeles R&B artist, animator, actress, and activist Brittany Campbell demonstrates this right on the peaceful, yet profound animated visual for “Matter.” Inspired by conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement, such as a conversation with a friend whose parents’ store was destroyed in the protests, Campbell’s “Matter” grieves, honors those who are gone, while implementing the question for Black lives: “do we matter?”

“Matter” calmly addresses the worth of lives over property with a visual memorial for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Elijah McClain, and many others. It becomes a quiet truth sung over an ethereal acoustic. Though light in its arrangement, the track is just at potent, and quite possibly more so through its compassionate waltz. Campbell’s poetic and conversational lines pull the artist in and out of the track, similarly to the video animating herself: “I ask this on the daily / I ask this for my babies still out there in the maybe / We wanna breathe again / I ask this to our families.”

“I was having a lot of difficult conversations with people that I hold close to my heart,” says Campbell. “I left many of these exchanges knowing something was missed or left unsaid. I thought, why is the statement ‘Black Lives Matter’ even up for debate? Why is it viewed as a political statement instead of fact? I wrote ‘Matter’ to address everyone. To encourage introspection and to keep peeling back the layers of ourselves.”

In addition, proceeds from the track are going to BIPOC organizations Abundant Beginnings and Sista Afya.

“I know there are a plethora of causes we can be donating our money to in the name BLM,” Campbell continues. “I feel particularly excited about these organizations. Abundant Beginnings is an org dedicated to educating youths in social and environmental justice. Sista Afya provides resources to black women in order to sustain mental wellness and community. What I like about both of these, is that they are building towards a healthier and sustainable future.”

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