Amritha Shakti Sits In Power on Blues Dust Track, ‘Ghost Town’

Amritha Shakti explores leftover pain and anger on the blues dust track, "Ghost Town."

While we can’t always deny anger when we’re faced with it, we can deny it access to our way of being. Amritha Shakti’s “Ghost Town” channels leftover emotions and anger from a toxic relationship, and sits in her power for the track’s creation.

The Indian-Australian artist’s natural soul infliction caresses the wounded sounds of the blues, co-written by an ensemble of jazz musicians in Sydney, for a vigorous and healing sigh of relief. It asserts the artist towards a self-loving state of mind in every respect, momentarily seen through pain.

Amritha’s musical background and sole purpose through music plays an extremely vital role on “Ghost Town.” Starting as a trained classical vocalist, and with Indian classical music, the artist’s creative mediums kept her roots front and center. The time-honoured wash of soul and jazz are met graciously with Amritha’s love for India. Two halves of self-love that make the single that much more accomplished with the assertion of truth and permanency in walking away.

“Ghost Town” slowly unlaces and affirms these notions by seeing the artist in control, even of anger. The first half of the track’s tempo is still cautious, but there’s no fear. The somber guitar chords hold Amritha’s vocals for only a moment and gently guide the velvety croon. The artist’s range is sharp, moving with inevitable bursts and lines of woes: “I’m searching for freedom, but I’m drowning in the shadows.”

The dust filled ballad seemingly transitions into a fuller blues cut, lead by a passionate run by Amritha and soulfully tinged grooves. It’s a heated delivery and throws the artist into the light, away from covers, and into a bountiful path of growth, discovery, and deserved success.

“Ghost Town” is taken off Amritha’s debut EP, The Process, due this year.

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