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Lia Ices Shares Gorgeous Ode to Her Muses ‘Hymn’

Lia Ices returns with a gorgeous ode to her muses.

Lia Ices shares her first single in six years, “Hymn,” via her own Natural Music and it’s a striking return and celebration for the artist. The gorgeous articulation of love, to something higher and greater than oneself, conceptually speaking, carries more weight today than ever. The track’s insatiable hook, which follows a year performance of the track at YOLA DÍA, finalizes the artist’s spark.

Ices does something intangible with her words; it’s a promise and yet, it’s an intent. From the love to her family, to a life growing inside of her, Ices’ “Hymn” mediates on the now in the beautiful wonders of what tomorrow will bring. The signature piano lead returns and comforts just the same in its organic flow and coastal wind.

“‘Hymn’ touches on my relationship with ‘the muse,’ or spirituality, or love — how I receive inspiration and give it back via the magic and mystery of the creative process, exposing both my introverted and extroverted self to the listener— which both exist as highly charged opposites in my art and personality,” shares the artist in a press release.

“My good friend and director, Conor Hagen shot the accompanying video over the course of 9 months on super 8 film, while my band and I played shows up and down California and the pacific northwest last year. Playing music with others and for others is a ritual, there is an alchemy between band members, between audience and performer, between filmmaker and subject that is so powerful and humanly enriching and I am so grateful to have captured those moments. I realize now more than ever, that the magic of performance with the gift of music is my life source. And with the future of live shows being so unknown, this song and video are a bittersweet celebration of it all and a kind of intention setting of what I’ll be ready to return to.”

Lia Ices (Renee Friedrich)

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