Várvara Blesses Herself on Blues Rock Track ‘Hymn For Yourself’

Várvara takes matters into her own hands on "Hymn for Yourself."

An adage comes to mind upon discovering Várvara: the only helping hand you will find is at the end of your arm. Now, this isn’t to discourage the humanity and compassion within others, or leave a rather sour taste in one’s mouth, but the notion of not relying on others for your own confidence or worth is a universal sentiment worth supporting.

The Vienna-based artist executes the strength of one’s will on the aptly titled single, “Hymn for Yourself.” The track “encourages you to take matters into your own hands,” as expressed by the artist via email, and grapples simultaneously with the doubts by the same hand that can pull you up, or push you down.

Rugged, distorted blues riffs open the track to the artist’s rich and melodious tone, muting the excitement upon arrival of Várvara’s words. The artist’s vocals become velvety, slowly burning across the production and growing with Djordje Hartl’s crisp drum cracks. Mimicking the softness in each verse to the vivacious roar of the chorus, the track rages the war between the internal inflection we cast upon ourselves. Each verse is construed simply, yet extremely thoughtful. It plays almost as a double feature of a rap song — balancing each set of vocals for the production’s time scheme — only with Várvara’s duality.

The track drips with a blues-rock inflection and is mirrored on the accompanying black and white visual, which was shot entirely on an iPhone. Directed and edited by Lukas Galle, the visual isolates a wounded yet victorious Várvara. The contrasting monochrome to the multifaceted production of the track speaks highly to the artist’s background and love of music.

Born in former Yugoslavia, and a daughter of a composer, the artist began performing at the age of 3 with her mother on stage. From the violin to the piano, Várvara seems to engulf the more expressive and organic instrumentation that comes alive on “Hymn for Yourself.”

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