Rachel Eckroth and Sy Smith Team Up For A ‘Perfect Love’

Rachel Eckroth teams up with the "queen of underground soul," Sy Smith, for a gorgeous and iridescent ode to love.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Rachel Eckroth teams up with the “queen of underground soul,” Sy Smith, for a gorgeous and iridescent ode to love. Lounged in the dress of a lover, “Perfect Love” hits every mark and touches on all the beauty of neo-soul with the freedom of jazz.

Featuring keyboardist Nick Semrad (Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles), and Pittsburgh keyboardist/producer Orlando ‘Buscrates’ Marshall, the track’s collaboration is a boastful listen of creative minds. Smith’s soulful pop vocal runs are both sophisticated and nostalgic in its arrangement and delivery, effortlessly balancing the silky grooves that are embedded throughout the track.

This timeless fusion allows the wonders of a specific era (mid ’60s) to come through heavy and still be fresh. The contemporary sounds of R&B peak upon the soundscape of smooth jazz, creating a golden chrome pallet for Smith. Paired with the melting cutaways of a dreamy psychedelic trip, the accompanying visual pinpoints the lushness and overall affection exuded from the track.

Left to right: Sy Smith (Shawn Carter Peterson) and Rachel Eckroth (Shervin Lainez)

“Rachel had planted the seeds for this song for a while ago,” says Smith. “But the shelter-in-place order gave us both the opportunity to really sit with it, tend to it, and watch it fully grow into something we think is kinda stunning. It’s like a lush garden full of color and sounds, and I love it.”

“‘Perfect Love,’ started as a simple song and became a beautiful collaboration with musicians I highly admire,” adds Eckroth “As producer, I wanted to present something with colorful sonic ideas and groove textures. These guys helped make my ideas a reality.”

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