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Body Double Questions ‘The Floating Hand’ on Post Punk Lead Single

Body Double's lead single balances glam and post punk with the growing pains of finding your identity.

Questioning identity continues to be at the forefront for multi-instrumentalist Candace Lazarou, especially on her latest project Body Double. The Oakland five-piece might have grown from Lazarou’s grief, personal and professional transitions, but are taking on a new industrial path with Jascha Ephraim, Mel Weikart, Chase Kamp, and Noah Adams.

The new wave and post punk single, “The Floating Hand,” weaves pockets of glam that falsely lead. Properly inviting listeners to Milk Fed — the debut album by the Bay Area band set for release September 18 — “The Floating Hand” provides an ample amount of support while simultaneously removing itself from the everyday shuffle of life.

Peeking from the outside, the track reads as a torn up diary entry scribbled in a moment of disarray: “You know my shape is always shifting, right? / Which of these mouths will bite? / What’s the joke?” Its rhythmic lead mediates on each bass line and by the exhausted low gravel that are Lazarou’s vocals.

Background vocals soothe the track rather sweetly, akin to the track’s guitars, and mimic the narrative of a tangled mind throughout the arrangement. Better yet, a mind that won’t stop thinking. Lazarou’s vivid tone moves with the track and romanticizes these lines of transitions, lyrically speaking, thanks to the punchy arrangement.

The firm conviction of questioning and growth are a strong introduction to the band’s anticipated album. Not only does it allude to the personal struggles by Lazarou, but musically it seems to balance glam and post punk with the growing pains of identity.

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