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San Diego’s Volar Records Shares Presence Not Absence: A Benefit Compilation for Trans BIPOC Housing Assistance

Volar Records compiles garage and experimental artists to benefit Trans BIPOC Housing Assistance.

San Diego’s independent record label, Volar Records, have compiled a lengthy list of artists for Presence Not Absence – A Benefit Compilation for Trans Housing Assistance, set for release September 4, 2020.


The Trans community have faced many more obstacles under the Trump administration, including fair housing denial as well as “allow federally funded homeless shelters to judge a person’s physical characteristics, such as height and facial hair, in determining whether they belong in a women’s or men’s shelter” — targeting transwomen and cisgender women with “masculine features,” potentially putting them at risk.

“This is another in a long list of hateful, vile actions by this administration, and in an effort to help, Volar Records has gathered tracks from various artists, some previously released, some not, some recorded specifically for this compilation,” shares the label in a Facebook post.

The 21-track compilation features an eclectic range of garage, experimental, dance, trance, R&B, and post punk by local artists: The Uhuruverse, D. Wrex, Eddington Again, Cody Blanchard of Shannon and the Clams, VAGUESS, COED, Ingonoir, ALE MANIA, Blue Zero, Teach Me, Uno Lady, Slaughterhouse, Cat Scan, No No Baby, Susan, Dove Armitage, Tolliver, SOFT RIOT, Public Interest, and The Passengers.

The album is marked at $15 with the option to donate more. Pre-ordering the digital album will come with 10 tracks, available to stream via Bandcamp and as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more, as well as the full album once it is released.

All proceeds of the compilation will be donated between SDQUEERBLACKHOUSING, House of Resilience, and APAIT’s Casa de Zulma. More may be added to the list at a later time and will be shared via Volar Records.

For more information, visit Volar Records.

For resources and more QBIPOC organizations to donate to, visit Pride Marketplace.

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