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Jessie Wagner Finds A New Start on ‘End of Time’

Jessie Wagner embarks on her solo career with the stunning '60s pop cut "End Of Time" taken from her forthcoming debut album.

Jessie Wagner’s range as an artist has taken her to the realms of songwriting, acting, the frontwoman of NYC’s rock/soul band Army of Underdog, and across the globe as a touring vocalist for Lenny Kravitz, Chic, Duran Duran, and Little Steven and The Disciples Of Soul, just to name a few.

As Wagner’s resume glistens, the artist takes yet another leap as a solo artist announcing her debut LP Shoes Droppin’, set for release October 9 via Wicked Cool Records. And blessing the start of another journey, Wagner shares the album’s lead single and video, “End Of Time.”

Ironically, the track’s declaration takes Wagner to the start. The flurry of love is immediately felt in harmony and beneath the warm tones of the sliding horns. Wagner crafts a ’60s neo-soul dream with a progressive-pop polish and of course, at times a blues vocal styling true to Wagner’s tonality. She drives the single towards a state of bliss and dances in love across jubilant piano keys. It seems impossible to not be fully enamored by Wagner’s delivery or by the track itself.

“This is just pure bubblegum fun! This song is about finding the perfect person and wanting to just love and be loved by that person for the rest of your life,” says Wagner.

The first slice of the artist’s 11-track debut seems to come at the right time, notably for 2020. The affectionate ode not only can speak on the “perfect person,” but also to the artist’s own joy found and created through time — especially heard through music.

“It’s exciting to stand alone and see if anyone connects with (it),” says Wagner. “I’ve had some of these songs with me for years, but I was always waiting for the right time to put them out. It’s scary, because this is my voice, my words, just me. It was cathartic to get out some of that anger and sadness, but there’s also the presence of faith that it will all get better.”

Shoes Droppin’ is set for release October 9 and is available for pre-order here.

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