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HALAN Addresses ‘Best Intentions’ on Alt-Pop Single Ahead of Debut EP

Los Angeles-based artist shares her second moody single from her forthcoming debut EP of the same name.

Our interactions among one another hold more power than we may realize. As for romantic relationships, we can all debate the philosophical positive and negative traits left behind. This notion fuels Los Angeles-based artist and producer HALAN and her forthcoming debut EP, Best Intentions. The 4-track EP maneuvers its way through a darker soundscape to address four romantic stories that are eloquently presented on the titular single.

Following-up “I Don’t Know You” with “Best Intentions,” the latest single embodies a general shift in perspective and story telling from HALAN. It becomes a strong introduction to not only the conceptual process from the artist, but a foreword to HALAN’s influences and sound, which can be sometimes difficult on both ends for a debut. And on the darker waves of lo-fi synths and disillusioned dream pop, this is where HALAN’s cathartic process begins.

Taken alike to the sad-pop inclusion represented by mainstream artists such as Lana Del Rey, HALAN spins her narrative well without sulking in a self-indulgence manner. Stemmed from “someone she dated for a month in her freshman year of college whose bad memory lasted for years,” as expressed in a press release, “Best Intentions” walks like an open letter: It’s moody, but not scattered; centered and poised. The cinematic build wraps around each key stoke and opens up more avenues of alt-pop, specifically an older wash from the ’90s, led by the emotive twangs of HALAN.

Courtesy of the artist

Finishing up the EP in “various cramped closets” of the artist’s apartment with her cat Pea-Pea, “Best Intentions” — track and EP — is a strong and essential launch for HALAN.

Best Intentions EP is set for release August 28, 2020.

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